Your way to the health cure in Bad Birnbach

The outpatient bathing cure is alive! Healthy and fit in the rural bath.

The traditional concept of spa encompasses a wide-ranging system of preventive and disease treatments. However, in current social legislation, the term “cure” is no longer applied. What used to be called an outpatient or open spa treatment is now called an outpatient preventive service. What many do not know: Health insurance companies still pay up to 13 euros per day towards the cost of these outpatient preventive services (§ 23 SGB V). This contribution is not linked to a specific spa or to a specific type of accommodation. It still applies that you have a free choice of spa location for the outpatient “cure”.

Even after the many health care reforms, there are outpatient preventive services that are paid for by Social Security. Outpatient preventive services can be requested not only for the treatment of an existing illness, but also for the prevention of illness (prevention).

As a member of a statutory health insurance, you can apply for these benefits every 3 years. You should submit your spa application to the health insurance company at least 3 months before the planned spa treatment. The application should be completed by your trusted/family physician.

In the event of approval, this will not have any negative consequences for his budget! If the application is rejected, you can and should appeal against it in writing – ideally with the support of your doctor.

The maximum prescription quantity for therapeutic products per prescription is usually 6 units per type of treatment. Which remedies are to be used for which diseases is explained in a catalog of remedies.

This catalog is available to every physician.

When prescribing remedies, you must pay 10% of the costs yourself as a co-payment. This is significantly cheaper than before, when the co-payment was 15%. In addition, € 10.00 per prescription is due. This regulation applies both to outpatient preventive services (former spa treatment) and to outpatient medical treatment (chip card).

  • No practice fee at the doctor, furthermore no co-payment for prescription of individual measures, e.g. exercise training, nutritional counseling, etc.
  • Free prescribability of medically necessary spa remedies by the spa physician, e.g. thermal baths, natural mud, massages, physiotherapy, etc.
  • Possibly cure cost subsidy in the amount of up to € 13.00 per person and day by your health insurance company
  • No practice fee at the spa doctor!
  • First to your family doctor
  • Written request from the doctor
  • Patient decides in consultation with the doctor for Bad Birnbach
  • Health insurance checks and approves
    In case of refusal, file an appeal in consultation with the physician
  • Hotel booking
    Arrived in Bad Birnbach: first to the spa doctor
    Reconciliation of the prescribed treatments in the Rottal Terme

The staff of the Rottal Terme is available to answer any questions you may have about the spa. Please register in time.

Health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing.

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